Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the talented dancers of HaitiDansCo. HaitiDansCo is a part of the Deuifel Lamiere’s program DANCETOSAVELIVES. This is professional dance company that has performed all over Haiti. The company presents work in both traditional folklore and contemporary dances techniques.

Staying true to the title DANCETOSAVELIVES, HaitiDansCo has also functioned as a safe space for many of the dancers, providing meals, community, career and educational opportunities, and for some dancers a place off the streets to live. Our goal is to meet the specific needs of each individual. By sponsoring a dancer you are supporting a meal after every rehearsal for all the dancers (6 meals a week), helping cover the cost of formal education, transportation to and from rehearsals, child care, and an emergency doctors visit fund in the case of sickness or injury. The combined monthly cost of these compensations equals $131 usd per dancer. To the left is a chart showing the break down of the percentage of your donation per dancer. Thank you for your support.