Vinn Pran Baget Drum and Dance retreat fourth  Edition  Cap Haitien August first to August 10th 2018

You are invited to come and experience the warm, beautiful sense of community created with our Dance To Save Lives community as we present "Vin Pran Bagèt", our fourth summer edition Dance retreat! Join Dance To Save Lives Founder and Artistic Director Dieufel Lamisere in a calming and inviting atmosphere of fun, play, learning and togetherness in the spirit of Haitian culture and dance. Dance, learn and celebrate culture alongside the Dance to Save Lives troupe members. Enjoy an excursion immersed in the community, music and culture that is Cap Haitian.

Dieufel Lamisere has brought together an experienced and highly talented staff and Haitian instructors to satisfy everyone from the beginning beginner to advanced-level dance participant. Come and enjoy!


Registration Fee: $ 75 via PAYPAL ( non refundable)

Retreat Package: $ 2000 USD 





  • Transportation:   from the airport to Cap -Haitien ( city)  and within Cap Haitien  and back to the airport. 
  • Lodging , free WIFI
  • 2 delicious Haitian meals a day  and supper will be by choice.
  • Dance  and Drum classes   with different Dance and Drum instructors in the  Haitian arts community
  • Master class with DIEUFEL LAMISERE  ,
  • Kreyol Lessons 

    • Traditional class on specific leaves
    • classes on traditional songs
    • visit citadelle, palais sans souci, bassin saint jacques, jardin botanic , cathedrale
    • Visit to a lakou with a lecture ( vodou temple)
    • discussion on vodou
  • NIGHT OUT enjoying the night life in Cap Haitien.

Starting From: july 1st 2017  to july 10th 2017

Arriving day: july 1st   2017

Arriving time: from 10 to 12 in the day

Activities: start from july 3rd  to July 8th

Departure july 10  2017

( if you want to leave before or after that schedule you will pay for your own transportation)

( one trip will be made from the airport to jacmel please buy your ticket early enough otherwise you will pay for your way to jacmel)

( this schedule can be change at any time)

 schedule will be giving to you as soon as you land to Haiti.

come to live and learn our wonderful culture! AIBOBO

[email protected]

To register, please fill out the form on the REGISTRATION PAGE  and send it in with your first payment of $450

*Cancellation/Refund policy: If you have to withdraw from VinPran Bagèt Dance Retreat for any reason before May 30th you will be refunded 50% of your tuition.Tuition will not be refunded after May 30th.